What is a PnP Template?

by | Feb 26, 2019 | News, Provisioning

Simply put, a PnP Template is a schema compliant description of an object that can be provisioned or modified by the PnP provisioning engine, or any other tool (such as ProvisionPoint) that can make use of such a template.

PnP templates are typically XML documents that describe all of the elements of an object that the user wants to provision via the PnP provisioning engine. They can be written and executed as XML, in managed code or through third party tools.

The OfficeDev PnP project is a Microsoft sponsored, community operated (with heavy influence from Microsoft) initiative designed to plug the gaps left in the new Microsoft productivity products by leveraging the available APIs in script and code. Learn more here.

Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash

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