Continuity for Office 365

Protection of objects & content within Office 365 Sites, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams and Exchange.


Ensuring your data is available regardless of its state is vital to your business. Knowing that current data is safe, legacy data can be accessed and heritage data is stored in a vault will let users sleep at night.

Continuity is about ensuring that your organisational data is securely stored, suitably accessible and disposed of appropriately. In days gone by continuity was about ensuring you had a backup. Today continuity is about ensuring that your data is held in the right place at the relevant point in its useful life.

Whats is vital about continuity is knowing that you have the correct mix of technology, strategy and rehearsal. There is no point having backup if you never test restore. No point having Records Management if your users cannot freely access the records, and no point using archives if you cannot locate the data you need.

Think about continuity in terms of protect, plan and restore – these are the alatrio pillars of continuity.


Backup, Archive, Cold Store, Records, you need it all. Organisations generate more data now than ever before and you need to keep it protected.


Business Continuity Planning (‘BCP’) gives you the strategy, methodology and process to make use of your protected data. No plan? No point.


Executing your plan to restore makes it all worth it. Whether it is recovering lost data, eDiscovery or recovering from disaster, the restore gets you moving.

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