Services for Microsoft Cloud

Consulting, Advisory & DevOps for the Microsoft Cloud

Services for the Microsoft Cloud

Navigating the Microsoft Cloud can be difficult. Azure is wide ranging and complex, Office 365 introduces a new way to consume familiar productivity tools and the data and AI capabilities are mind numbing.

Almost every business in the world using Microsoft Cloud technologies needs a little help from time to time. alatrio has a portfolio of services designed to help our customers on their cloud journey.

Focusing on three core service groups, alatrio has world class expertise to help customers of all shapes and sizes.



Services to drive usage and best practice. Helping you to understand how to map what is possible to what the technology can do.



Services to help you leverage Microsoft Cloud technology through design, build and implementation, realising your needs.



Services to help with deployment, maintenance and supportability. Source control, solution deploy and on-going update.

Consulting: Intelligent Information Management

We can help you get more out of Office 365. The Intelligent Information Management framework is built on years of field experience with customers of all shapes and sizes and is designed for a single purpose: to empower your organisation.

Working with you to understand your modern workplace needs, our IIM consulting services will bring Office 365 to life for your organisation and your users.

Need convincing? Contact us for a no-obligation briefing call – we will explain to you how we can help. No nonsense. No hard sell.

Consulting: Information Architecture & Taxonomy

Success in collaboration is about findability. If users can find content they can be effective. If users can find each other, they can level up. If they can find policy and process you will have nirvana.

Good information architecture will make your Office 365 journey smooth, seamless and effective for your business. alatrio has a number of offerings that are deliberately design to make your organization more effective by improving (or even implementing) effective information architecture.

Contact us to to learn more about how alatrio can improve your effectiveness. For a no-obligation briefing call, click below. No muss. No fuss. 

Advisory: Check & Evaluate

Sometimes you just want a second opinion. Office 365 is a very personal technology. Personal and unique to each organisation. Want somebody to cast an eye over your implementation? Want viewpoint on your governance? Want some criticism?

Check and Evaluate is an alatrio service designed to assess your Office 365 estate in the context of good practice – we won’t tell you what is right and wrong – there is no such thing in Office 365 – but we will give you our opinion compared to our experiences and other customer implementations.

Want to improve your chances of adoption success? Contact us for a no-obligation briefing call by clicking below. No pressure. No sales talk.

Advisory: Design & Build

Need something quickly? Stretched resources? Under pressure?

alatrio will work with you to deliver what your software or service customisation need on-time and on-budget – guaranteed..

Guaranteed? Yep. You read it right. Once we have agreed a scope and budget with you, the delivery date we propose will be met or we will pay a penalty.

SLAs on development projects? Yep. That is how confident we are in our ability.

To learn more, contact us below for a no-obligation briefing call. All about the outcome. Everytime.

DevOps: Develop & Deploy

We understand DevOps. We really understand it. As a company that has an internal product group we really get what it means to be able to effectively manage release cadence and pipeline.

With quality at the heart, alatrio DevOps services can really get your development, deployment and delivery train working efficiently and effectively.

For a no-obligation briefing call to discuss how alatrio can get your train moving, contact us below. High Quality, high velocity and high fidelity, alatrio DevOps has it all.

Devops: Azure Advisory

Want some new thinking about how DevOps could (or should) work for your business? If you need advice on how to so things but don’t want a partner to deliver for you, our advisory services are for you.

Focused on ‘teaching you to fish’ alatrio DevOps advisory is focused on getting (and keeping) you moving to meet your goals. Best practice. Smart thinking. Being outside the box – this is the alatrio wheelhouse.

For a no-obligation briefing call on how alatrio can fire up your DevOps factory, contact us to learn more. Always with you. Never a pitch. 

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